Etruscan walls and a delightful medieval historic center, this is Perugia, a city of gluttons and artists, the capital of the beautiful Italian region of Umbria. Perugia is also a place of culture of excellence, as it is home to two universities: the University, founded in 1308, and the University for foreigners, the largest in Italy. This is way you could find so many youth around the city or in pubs. The historic center is a real fourteenth-century village, one of the most beautiful in Italy. Squares, churches, palaces and museums are perfectly assembled in its urban core, largely of medieval style. Perugia, in addition to a large artistic heritage, offers internationally renowned events and manifestations, including the Eurochocolate and Umbria Jazz. But Perugia this magnificent medieval village has always been an innovative city. Just think about it was the first Italian city to build escalators in several parts of the city, to make people reach the center on foot.
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