Jade Joass's experience in Cuizán
Visiting Laguna de Quilotoa can be as simple as arranging a day trip from Quito, or offers the possibility of a 3 to 4 day hike, called the Quilotoa Loop. This beautiful caldera lake was created about 600 years ago when the volcano erupted and the centre collapsed. From the top you will be at an altitude of approximately 3,800m so be prepared to feel the effects of altitude if you haven't been in Quito long. It's possible to walk down to the lake and if you have time, do some kayaking. The walk is quite challenging Ion the way up, so be sure to take some extra cash if you'd like to pay for a mule ride back to the top. #views #volcano #lake #hike #daytrip #Quilotoa #toursavailable #ecuador
Posted by Jade Joass
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