ash merscher's experience in Munich
Hofbräuhaus München
I know what you're thinking: tourist trap. Well suck up your globetrotting pride and be a quintessential tourist for once! Embrace the corny atmosphere and enjoy divulging in sausage, sauerkraut, hearty breads, cheesy spaetzle, and liters of refreshing brews. The beer will start to warm your cheeks and your earlier despise for the lederhosen and pretzel maidens will soon morph into a nostalgic admiration. But before you guzzle too many dunkels, don't forget to check the place out! It will be crawling with cameras and fanny packs, but that doesn't take away from its unique history. Tip: go upstairs to admire the old beer hall. #germany #munich #beer #beergarden #food #bavaria #lederhosen #history #travel #touristspots
Posted by ash merscher
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