Carnitas la cabañita
I LOVE carnitas tacos but hadn’t eaten any yet in the Baja. I asked the universe “Please, please, please, show me a place to have carnitas tacos!! Please!” That afternoon, after leaving Cabo San Lucas, I turned down a street and BAM Carnitas la cabanita was on my right. Once inside, I pulled up to one of the many identical red and white checker tables. “Dos tacos carnitas, por favor!” I was drooling as I watched the owner dice up the fried pork meat and warmed up the homemade tortillas. When I was handed my two perfect beasty tacos, I walked them through the condiments bar finishing them off with fresh lime, cilantro, onions, and tomatillo avocado salsa. They were out of this world!#tacos #baja #mexicanfood
Posted by Casey Sheppard
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