Demolition Depot and Irreplaceable Artifacts
That stone gargoyle might tip the fees for your airline check-in baggage into the unaffordable range, but you know you want it.. This eye-popping architectural reclamation showroom must be seen to be believed. Wander this colossal four-story building (watch out for the occasional underfoot cat) and behold antique claw-footed bathtubs, Art Deco elevator doors, rare friezes, old letterboxes, antique church pews and on and on.  One of my major pet peeves is the misuse of the word “unique”. It means “one of a kind”, uses no modifiers and that’s it. It doesn’t mean “unusual”, or “interesting” or that most god-awful of all words “amazing”. Here is the correct usage: Demolition Depot is a unique store that you must visit when you are in New York City. The surrounding area is a little dodgy but don’t let that put you off.
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