Marko's experience in Punat
Adriatic Moonland
Island Krk is quite raw by nature. Harsh Karst limestone is covering most of Croatia's biggest island leaving little space for real forest but more kind of small size tree vegetation inhabitated by wild animals like poisonous snakes, deer and boar. If you want an island without poisonous snakes go to Cres. Anyway, Krk has its unique features like the Žlahtina wine grape, certified traditionally made Prosciutto and the south-west coast of Krk which I call Moonland. After passing by Punat driving to Stara Baška the hill-valley area seems to slowly die off until there is almost no tree left, no bush, no grass. Exactly this lack of vegetation creates new beauty. Unforgiving raw stone in the hot sun. Seemingly so uninhabitable that ancient people would nothing but run away from this rocky and dry landscape into fresh green forests filled with fruits of nature. Nevertheless if you decide not stop here and h3ad further to coast town Stara Baška you will discover amazing landscapes and beaches everybody dreams of. Crystalline water calling you like heroin whispers to a junkie. Stara Baška has restaurants, Cafes and all sorts of accommodations. Or you sleep outdoor. But close your tent properly! Snakes, remember!?
Posted by Marko
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