Laguna de Icalma
I visited this place with my mom. She remembered it as a hidden and untouched paradise in the middle of Los Andes, where she was the only one camping there 25 years ago. Now there is a town there and a few houses. Nevertheless, it's still a hidden paradise. I'm chilean and would've never heard of this place if it wasn't for my mom. We went there in the middle of the summer and there wasn't many people. The colour of the lake and the surroundings are beautiful, and the water is like a mirror. I would surely come back, and I'm proud to have places like this in my country. Btw, it wasn't very easy to get there, so recommend you to use a 4x4 and be an experienced driver, since the road is not paved and it's pretty much going up and down between mountains. #lake #nature #woods #chile #araucania
Posted by Manu Sotomayor
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