Stefan Klopp's experience in Kyoto
Kyoto Nama Chocolat
How to explain the experience had here. Chocolate maker is a former chef of the Japanese consulate in New York. His wife Sherry, Canadian now Japanese runs the front of house. By house you literally do your tea ceremony in their house with views into both sides of their garden. As we entered we stepped past their dog, and had their cat lounging by our table.  Sherry as your host is incredibly welcoming and warm. She has such a great knowledge on Japan, the culture and world. I don't know whether it was just coincidence or her ability to pickup on things but she honed in on several ideas and thoughts we were just discussing earlier. As we left she snuck a bag of tea we had drank at their place into our bag then walked us out to the canal to point us in the direction of some good restaurants. Needless to say we left their home feeling enriched to have met them. Lastly the chocolate set we had was fantastic, so full of flavor. However the real treat of this place is the experience. If you are in Kyoto and have the time I would highly recommend a visit. #chocolate #tea
Posted by Stefan Klopp
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