Railei Beach Club
Highly recommend staying at the Railey Beach Club. Rent a small Bungalow or a whole house. Railey is only accessible via boat. So around midday the beach is packed. But if you stay there the beach is super beautiful and peaceful in the morning till about 10 and after 4pm. They do regular boat tours from the beach so you can use Railey as a base camp and explore nearby islands and Krabi from here. Railey beach is world renowned for its rock climbing. Every morning we would eat breakfast and watch the climbers climbing up the limestone cliff face above us. There are three actual beaches but we only used the south and west facing ones. We took a fabulous cooking class at sunset with cocktails. #amazingpinacoladas #kayaking #beach #peniscave #raileybeach #rockclimbing #
Posted by Megan Rose
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