Andrea's experience in Qalansīyah
Qalansiyah beach
A long stretch of fine white sand and turquoise waters is quite possibly the finest, most stunning beach I've seen in the world. Only the very lucky and adventurous travellers will get to spend the day on this pristine bit of land on the island of Socotra. Our group was able to spend an entire afternoon in the waves, on the beach, and exploring the Detwah Lagoon (that is separated from this beach by a sand bar). Besides crab and a few fish, the waters are clear to the sand below. Bring shade, water, and sunscreen as the beach is a much longer of a walk from the road than it looks. We were able to pitch our tents on the sand dunes and listen to the roaring waves all night. We also found phosphorescence in the waves (end of October). Along with the brilliant stars, it's a tremendous place to stay overnight! #bestbeaches #swimming #camping #photography #beach #bodysurfing
Posted by Andrea
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