The Conero Riviera, starts from the high and rocky stretch of coast of the Adriatic, visible from the port of the city of Ancona, to reach the sandy beaches of Numana. It takes its name from Monte Conero, which forms the promontory of the same name overlooking the sea and, thanks to the hilly and mountainous conformation of the territory, the coast is rich in panoramic points such the Old lighthouse and Pineta del Passetto near Ancona. Don't miss landscapes in Camerano, Portonovo, Piano di Stiano al Poggio, the North viewpoint of Monte Conero, Pian dei Raggetti, the South viewpoint of Monte Conero, Passo del Lupo, on the path that leads to the famous beach in Sirolo named Two Sisters. Numana, the biggest and beautiful village of this Italian seaside, complete the picture of this territory that could easily remind a remote island in the middle of the ocean. Using public transport to move from a spot to another, will help this place to be environmentally sustainable.
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