Boca De La Sierra
Entering through town of Miraflores, about 30 minutes North of San José del Cabo, you can reach Boca de la Sierra, where you’ll find the entrance to the canyon of San Jacinto, one of my favorites here, and great for camping. I believe the local community charges about US$5 or less (sorry! I’m a local friend, I’m not charged for it! ?) to visitors. You should ask around how the water’s running in the canyons. If it has rained recently, it may be flowing a lot, restricting access to small, non 4x4 vehicles. If you make it past the river, though, take the right turn up the mountain at the base camp of the zip lines tour there and go all the way. From there you’ll find a small trail that will take you to this place that has pools pretty much all year round to swim in. On weekends it can a bit crowded with the local peeps of Miraflores, but you can hike up a bit to find a few other uncrowded pools. #hiking #camping #photography #mountains #swimming #adventure
Posted by Hassen Salum
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