Sequoia National Forest
Situated right before Sequoia National Park and Kong’s Canyon National Park is Sequoia National Forest. The perfect escape from the city crowds and the most breathtaking views of the Sequoia tress. Known as the tallest and widest trees in the world, this is one place worth spending some time to capture some of nature’s most beautiful views.  About a 3.5 hour drive east of Los Angeles, Sequoia National Forest is an attraction you definitely don’t want to miss. Definitely Instagram-worthy, Sequoia National Forest has so much to offer. As one of the quieter parks, it gives you free range to take photos at your leisure without pressure from overcrowded areas. Come early to experience a fun-filled day in the forest. If you’re feeling up to it, reserve a camp spot at one of the many campgrounds and get a full-fledged outdoorsy experience. Go on one of the many hiking trails and even explore the forest where there is snow at the peak of the mountains even in the middle of summer! Sequoia has plenty to offer for the entire family. Make sure if you’re camping in the park to reserve your spot in advance as spots tend to fill up fast. #photography #forests #mountains #sequoianationalforest #sequoiatrees
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