Old Town San Diego
The historic neighborhood of Old Town is one of San Diego’s top attractions. And surprise, it’s free to go. It’s where the first of the 21 California Missions was established and the location of the very first Spanish settlement in the state. The park is a complete reenactment of what life may have been like during the Mexican-American era in the 1800s. In the center, you’ll find the Old Town State Historic Park where most visitors spend their afternoon wandering about. The buildings positioned around the park are built in a way that articles what colonial life was like in San Diego. You’ll find these old vintage adobe homes and shops sprinkled throughout Old Town. The homes have been completely restored with the antique decor in order to paint a picture of how people lived 100+ years ago. There is plenty of shopping, dining, nightlife, and exploring opportunities while visiting this part of town is completely free of charge. So give yourself at least half a day, or more, to soak in the deep historic culture of Southern California. #sandiego #travel #oldtown
Posted by Kristen Slizgi
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