Lakeside Station
If you go to visit Mount Fuji, the first thing you need to know is to GO EARLY! At around mid day, the clouds roll in and cover the mountain top. I got there early and witnessed the awesomeness from Kawaguchiko station, but a better view is on the mid point of mount Tenjo, where you can even have your photo taken with a cute squirrel and bunny. Alas, I arrived too late and Fuji was covered with clouds. I was also chased by some crazy baboons as I tried to make my way down from the cable car station.... so beware! The cable car was not too expensive and you can take it from the lovely town of Kawaguchi, where I found a few cool little free museums and boutiques. You can take a bus from Shinjuku station in Tokyo which takes around 2 hours to Kawaguchiko. GO EARLY! #japan #amazing #mountfuji #cablecar #mountains #lakes #hiking #history
Posted by Jennifer Louise
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