Dayana's experience in Botevgrad
Bulgarian cuisine always involves a great big table and lots of people. There's a little pub that literally looks like someone's living room. The owner is also the chef. The place is known as "At Milio's," where Milio is the father and his son is Atanas who runs the business. They both cook. Meals always begin with a green salad with a hard boiled egg and olives. You can also order the "Snow-white" salad which is made of stained cow's milk, pickles, garlic, and dill. There is also cured meat (lukanka) and roasted nuts. You have whiskey, brandy, or vodka with that course. Then, you can have chicken livers with onion as a main, or cow's tongue, cow's brain, breaded, or steak. It's all delicious and incredibly cheap. You can have a 3-course homemade meal and drink for $10-20. #bulgaria
Posted by Dayana
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