Xingó Canyon
This is the longest river - São Francisco's River - in Brazil and in one of its parts (between the states of Alagoas, Bahia and Sergipe) there is a canyon that looks amazing. The easiest way and touristy way to reach this place is getting a tour from Aracaju city (Alagoas' capital) with the bus and boat included. It costed 160 reais. But you can also go by car until where the boat leaves from (the town is called Canindé de São Francisco) and then take it to the river. Another cool thing about this place is the region itself: the canyon is located on the Brazilian Savannah which looks amazing especially during sunset :) From where the boat leaves you can go canoeing, go for a helicopter ride, eat local food, or do stand up surfing. The only one that is pricy is the helicopter one. #river #canyon #brazil #nature #sport
Posted by Gabriela Dilly
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