Pub BreWsky
If beer is your thing, check out Pub Brewksy. This homey and vibrant pub offers a variety of craft beers and beers that you can’t find at other bars, like their raspberry sour beer, or peanut butter stout! They even have custom glassware to bring out the best flavors in them. They also have a scrumptious menu that includes appetizers like chicken wings, salmon tartare and fried calamari and (huge) main courses like duck burgers, lobster rolls, grilled cheese sandwiches and more! The pub is small, but their large outdoor terrace is open whenever the weather allows it to be. Bonus: There’s live music! Photo credit: Pub Brewsky: https://www.facebook.com/PubBreWskey/ #beer #craftbeer #pub #bar #oldmontreal #montreal
Posted by Kimberley Chan
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