McWay Falls
Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park near Big Sur offers a rare view - a forest waterfall that falls right into the ocean. You can take an easy 15 minutes hike or... If you just want a picture of McWay falls - don't enter the park. You will need to pay for a parking there 10 or 15 bucks. You can perfectly see the falls from the highway where you can pull over for a couple minutes for free and take your picture BEWARE!!!! The highway is closed on the part from right after Lucia till who knows where. Anyway you won't be able to make it till LA and will have to go back to Carmel or to take a very dangerous mountain road from Lucia to 101. They expect it to be reopened in September 2018 #views #bigsur #accessbigsur #mountains #climbing #mcwayfalls #waterfall #pacifichighway
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