Honest Chocolate Cafe
Chocolate makes life seem a little sweeter, don’t you agree? Honest Chocolate Cafe makes all kinds of the good stuff and more. Their cacao beans are sourced from Tanzania and ground in-store, making their chocolate super fresh and undeniably decadent. While some of their desserts might use a hint of dairy, most of their treats are vegan. Their specialty is called “Banana Bread Bunny Chow”—a carved-out mini banana bread loaf filled with a scoop of (vegan) ice cream, homemade chocolate spread, and nuts to top it all off. They also make their own line of chocolate bars, truffles, brownies, tortes, and chocolate-dipped dried fruits. Honestly—it’s chocolate heaven! #chocolate #dessert #desserts #vegan #veganchocolate #sweets #cafe #snack #coffee #cafe
Posted by Stephanie Liao
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