Tacos El Plobano
Just off the main road into Guerrero Negro is Tacos El Plobano. The view of the outside isn’t very pretty, nor is the inside but the food smelled amazing. Bellying up to the bar that had a perfect view of the make shift kitchen, my friend ordered a carne asade sandwich and I was excited to try my first pastor tacos of the Baja. As the man cut the roasted luscious pork meat off the spit-grill, I chose toppings from an array of mix matched plastic containers. My large feast of tacos came with tomatillo avocado salsa as well. We both dove into our smothered meaty lunches. Looking at each other we were both in an unexpected savory bliss. Then, with overfilled mouths, we laughed about how awesome it was to stumble upon this hidden gem. #tacos #baja #localfood
Posted by Casey Sheppard
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