Maria Iotova's experience in Kigali
Beautiful Coffee Rwanda
Beautiful Coffee in Nyarutarama serves by far my favourite coffee in Kigali. And I am someone who drinks strong, black coffee as a special treat. Their coffee comes from the area of Lake Kivu in the western province of Rwanda, and precisely from four cooperatives: Coocamu, Gishyita, Bwishaza, and Karora. Drinking coffee here makes you feel good for one more reason: Beautiful Coffee Rwanda is a fair trade social enterprise. The cafe is sharing the same space with Kijami Table Rwanda. If you arrive at lunch time, you can enjoy a Rwandan cuisine buffet for 4,500 RwF plus non-alcoholic drinks on offer. The WiFi is very good and the service even better! #cafe #coffee #coffeeshop #free-wifi #rwandancoffee #lunchmenu #outdoorseating #buffet #breakfast #brunch
Posted by Maria Iotova
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