IOI City Mall
One of my passion is playing ice hockey. I brought my friend to this rink to teach her how to skate. (She loved it!) In Malaysia, there are only two ice rinks and both are in a mall. This rink is an Olympic sized ice rink. Unfortunately we do not have big hockey leagues like the NHL or KHL and the likes, but we do have a local Malaysian Ice Hockey League held every year. If you're wondering how we play hockey in a tropical climate....and if you happen to be in KL, head on to Sunway Pyramid(another mall, home to a much much smaller rink) and watch locals and expats go head to head in an attempt to put the puck in the net. Some fun facts: 1. Don't expect to have spectator seats if you plan to watch a game. 2. Malaysia has a National Ice Hockey team, both men and women. 3. Ice Hockey recently became a sports event in SEA games. 4. Ice Hockey in Malaysia is 20 years old. 5. Currently you can skate in two rinks....but a third is soon to open. 6. We play 4 on 4 due to the size of the rink in Sunway Pyramid.'s super small. 7. The national team competes in Asian Winter Olympics, Challenge Cup of Asia, and other tournaments in the region. Visit MIHF facebook page to find out dates of current on going games. #icerink #icehockey #malaysia #entertainment #sports #mall
Posted by Yasmin Kamal
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