Whilst it was my first trip to the Ulkraine I was stunned by the beauty of the churches. I visited both that have world heritage status., both had adjoining monastries male and female. I was able to walk around the grounds where normal life was going on. Nuns walked oblivious to the public but were happy to greet you with a warm smile and nod. Tourists sat calm and absorbing the aura of the environment; even the cats in the grounds appeared chilled and relaxed. Holy water was free flowing from the original well. People quested up with 3 litre plastic bottles keen to fill with the elixor. There is so much in the church it's overwhelming but in a good way. Frescoes adorn the walls and some date over 1200 years old. As an artist the inpiration is is in abundance. Stay for the day and soak in all that it has to offer. Well worth it.
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