[CLOSED] Hail Pizza
You would never know that Hail Pizza existed unless you walk through the burger-heavy restaurant at the front called Clarke’s. Although Hail can’t be seen from the outside, it would be silly to miss out on this hip, vegetarian-friendly wood-fired pizza joint. Their menu favors veg-heads and even includes a new vegan pizza (the Pomona) made with vegan basil pesto, almonds and nutritional yeast, zucchini, and baby rosas freshly baked on a wheat flour crust. To get the best deal, stop in for lunch and order their special which includes a large Margherita and a half pint of beer for 60 Rand (just under USD $5./ EUR €4). #lunch #breakfast #dinner #pizza #veganeats #vegetarian #veganfriendly #capetown #restaurant #lunchspecial #beer #coctails
Posted by Stephanie Liao
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