Big Four Ice Caves
A short path leads you to these famed ice caves on the mountain loop highway between Grant's Pass and Darrington, Washington. The first time I went was in the summer and I wouldn't dare enter even without seeing the memorial to a young girl who was killed by an ice fall. The creepy creaking noises and hot day were enough to keep me from entering. This proved to be the right hunch because the next year during the summer four people were killed here. The second time I went was in the dead of winter before that second tragedy. I felt completely safe walking around here in the winter, everything was frozen solid including the treacherous path to the caves (I slipped and fell hard 4 times that day. My SoCal feet don't know what to do on ice). I don't know what the status of these caves are after that last time people are killed but I don't think they can keep people away. If you go in the summer (or probably spring or fall too) don't go inside. It is really dangerous. Only go in on a really cold winter day if you do. And it's worth it. It's pretty magical inside the caves and even if you don't feel comfortable going in the area and mountains around are absolutely stunning. #hiking #snow
Posted by Nichole Roether
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