Rohit Rangra's experience in Osla
OSLA VILLAGE , Osla village in uttarakhand is another village in the route for trekking to har-ki-dun. From this village you start trekking upwards and reach har-ki-dun which is around 11 km. You will see the fascinating view of Himalayan peaks and glacier from here. Most of the houses in Osla village in uttarakhand are made of woods with roofs made of sheets of stones which all are locally available. The main occupation of the people here is farming and keeping domestic animals like cow and goats for their livelihood. With the flow of more tourists for har-ki-dun trek, income from tourists is also becoming another source of income for these poor villagers by providing them food and home stay services. Even though living in very harsh condition with no modern facilities you will find the people of the village happy, down to earth and very welcoming with smile on their faces. At the centre of the village is “Someshwar Temple” dedicated to lord shiva acting as village square where you will find people sitting around gossiping with friends and children running and playing around.
Posted by Rohit Rangra
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