Museum of the Weird
It's hard to know what to write about the Museum of the Weird because I don't want to spoil this astoundingly unique experience. What I'll say it that when you enter the gift shop, you'll think the museum is going to be a lame tourist trap, but I'm here to tell you to go in anyway because this place has a number of surprises in store for you. This museum was one of the highlights of my last trip to Austin, and if you're into the spooky and outlandish, it'll be a highlight for you too. Watch out, if you're not careful you might end up on stage getting a sword through your neck like me! I don't recommend taking children under 10 into the museum. For preteens I would say it depends on your child and how easily creeped-out they get. #museum #spooky #fun #atx
Posted by Sage Anastasía
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