Yuen Po Street Bird Garden
Okay so I'm not such a massive fan of seeing birds in cages, but the Yuen Po street bird garden is like an oasis in the center of bustling Mong Kok. Here you will see a lot of locals hanging out, taking their birds for a walk or just enjoying the sun with their bellies out (of course). If you haven't noticed this trend in many local Hong Kong fella's fashion choices, they tend to roll up their tee's into a crop top and let it all hang loose in the humid HK sunshine. It's a pretty unique experience to wander round the park listening to the birds sing or park yourself next to the locals and listen to their gwongdongwa. Expect to see a lot of homeless people in the area, but don't worry, they're all pretty friendly. I advise you to wander back to the bright lights of Mong Kok via the nearby flower market for a break from the polluted city smells. #pleasant #free #park #birds #city #different #unique
Posted by Jennifer Louise
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