Playa Las Tortugas
Playa Tortugas is a gorgeous, unspoiled 12-mile long beach right across from Punta el Custodio villas. Here's the adventure: you have to cross the estuary while the tide is low. In all the vilas, there's a tide chart according to the season so you can see when the best time of day is. The water isn't very deep but the current is strong. Crossing is 100 % worth it though! The beach is clean and empty. There are only a few surfers around. Check out the turtle sanctuary. You can see baby turtles hatch on certain days of the week around 5:30pm. What if you're not a good swimmer? Join the club! I was scared to swim across so my friend Chris pulled me on a boogie board and it worked like magic! #beach #mexico #nayarit #puntaelcustodio #views
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