North Dome
Killer views of the valley and full frontal view of half done from here. There's a bunch of different ways to get to North Dome with varying degrees of difficulty. You can come in from porcupine creek which takes you to north done with not very much incline and head back the same way or hike down to the valleythrough the Yosemite falls trail. This will be hard on the knees it's a lot of downhill. You can also hike up the Yosemite falls trail and over to north dome and up porcupine creek to the road to tioga (a hiking shuttle can take you to and from the valley to porcupine creek). It was about 15 miles from porcupine creek to north dome down to the valley when I went. Not sure how long it'd be if you just went back through porcupine creek but definitely shorter and easier. #hiking
Posted by Nichole Roether
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