Wavecrest Hotel & Spa
The Transkei is one of the hidden gems of South Africa. Transkei, meaning the area beyond the river Kei, was originally the Republic of Transkei during the Apartheids regime. It was a Bantustan —an area set aside for members of a specific ethnicity— for the Xhosa tribes. The hilly terrain, deep valleys and narrow dirt roads have made it all but impossible for development to take place, especially because the land belongs to everyone. No one person or developer has the right to develop unless he jumps through several cumbersome hoops. All of this makes the Transkei a magical place to visit if you are a nature and adventure enthusiast. If you are keen to experience a gem within a gem, go to Wavecrest hotel and spa. It sounds very sophisticated, but it's very basic. The location is what makes it. Located at the mouth of an estuary fed by the Ngqusi and Nxaxo Rivers, you have access to a prestine beach and coastal forest. Go for a hike on the fossilized dunes, a run on the beach or paddle down the rivers to find the fish eagle or mangrove kingfisher. If you are lucky, you might even find the crowned eagles visiting their nest hidden deep in the sun tropical coastal forest. After a long day out, you can enjoy freshly caught seafood made to perfection at the hotel paired with a ice cold glass of your favourite white wine. #hiking #free-breakfast #pool #kayak #beach #forest #trailrun #birdwatching #adventuretime #freshseafood
Posted by Chrissie Cloete
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