Tsutaya Ebisubashi
9. Tsutaya bookstore Japan is a lover of books, and beautiful stationeries. You can see it when the cafes carefully arrange the one-seaters to ensure ample space for you to do your private reading or writing while having your coffee. Or the aisles and aisles of bespoke and commercial stationery products in big and small departmental stores. Not forgetting its inhouse brand, Tsutaya, is still standing strong. There is another unique feature associated with bookstores in Japan, check out their anime merchandize like Pokémon and the array of toy vending machines they line along the physical store. I dare say that these machines are meant not just for children but the adults too! You can find a Tsutaya store next to Namba subway. #stationery #japan #osaka #gifts #bookstore #namba
Posted by Catherine Cheok
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