Terme Merano
Thermal baths are a form of art in Northern Italy, especially in the winter. Most hotels come equipped with their own spas, making for an enticing booking. But one should experience the spa town of Merano, also known as the “Flower City.” In 2005, the Spa at Merano became one of the most popular themes in all of Italy. Its contemporary spa is unlike anything else you’ll find in the country. The minimalist building is discreet as it aims to integrate into the landscape of the town. Inside this linear glass and steel cube, you’ll find 25 indoor and outdoor pools, different types saunas, a 52,000 m² spa area, a “Spa & Vital” area, as well as a medical spa, gym, and cafe. Each program and activity is designed to promote a holistic approach to one’s health and well being. Get the day pass to fully experience all that this place has to offer. #spa #merano #italy
Posted by Kristen Slizgi
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