Orchard on Long
Freshly blended Hullaballoo smoothie (pictured lower right), cold-pressed juices and health shots (pictured upper right), and raw vegan zucchini’s noodles (pictured bottom left) are only a few of the items you’ll find on Orchard’s predominantly vegan and vegetarian menu. The spot is a favorite of locals and travelers seeking the healthiest and best-tasting plant-based dishes in Cape Town and for good reason! Their food items are made fresh to order and truly taste as good as they look! They also dehydrate their own fruits and kale chips and sell them in-store and in other health food stores in the city (such as Wellness Warehouse on Kloof Street). Plus, their aesthetically-pleasing space filled with natural light, decorated with crates of fresh lemons, pineapple, and ginger, makes them a go-to for food photographers and design appreciators alike. #breakfast #brunch #lunch #juicebar #juice #snack #cafe #vegan #rawcuisine #rawfood #vegetarian #healthyeats #healthyfood #capetown #longstreet
Posted by Stephanie Liao
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