Luoping is a three hour train ride from Kunming and is famous for its bright yellow canola fields set amongst the karst mountains. The blooming happens in February/March (though I went the first week of March and the blooms were already fading). A few of the karats you can go up for a spectacular sunset and I’d recommend it for sunrise over the temple everyone tries to get you to go to for sunrise (I was put off by the amount of tourists who were more interested in taking pictures of me than the scenery). You’ll want to stay in the village and not the main city (take a cab from the city)to be near the pretty scenery. Town doesn’t have much and you’ll probably just eat at the restaurant attached to your hotel. I enjoyed it, a nice trip from Kunming and not another foreigner in sight #hiking #waterfalls #mountains #photography
Posted by Nichole Roether
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