Thingvellir National Park
Iceland is composed of 2 dividing tectonic plates! The eurasian plates and North American plates. When I watched this documentary at natgeo when I was in highschool, I just dreamt of visiting this place! Im so emotional that my dream become real today! ! And I experienced stepping in these 2 continents right here at #Pingvellir National Park! Today we also visited the #great geysir in southwestern Iceland! I was tongue-tied when I witness the eruption of boiling water to upto 70 m. Our last destination is the #gullfoss the waterfalls in the world that could throw out upto 2000 cu meter of flood water per second Today at noon time the temp in Iceland records at 18 deg cel and this alarm the authority because they're already having heatwave at this temperature (for the past 2 weeks) I thank God for the letting me experience these magnificent treasures! With current global warming I cannot say that I can still witness this amazing #Iceland in the future!
Posted by Francis jess
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