Jaanchie's Restaurant
If you're ever in Curaçao, you MUST eat at Jeanchie's. His restaurant has been around for more than 60 years and he's the nicest, most genuine man you'll meet. He doesn't have menus. Instead, Jeanchie sits with you and gets to know you, then recommends a dish. There's always fresh fish on the menu as well as the island delicacy - iguana. Yeah, IGUANA. And it tastes good! He said that if we finished everything on our plates, we'd get a surprise. We did and he gave us ice cream and two wallets, handmade with the restaurant name saying: "these are for when you win a million in the lottery. Keep dreaming because dreams are real!" The restaurant opens at noon and doesn't do reservations so I recommend you pop in between 12-1pm. #localfood #food #iguana #jeanchies #curacao
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