Estero de Todos Santos
On the way back from La Paz you have the chance to skip Todos Santos to go straight to Cabo, but that’s a big mistake. It’s a town worth exploring for a while for its coffee, some good burritos (if you read several of my spots you may notice I’m a hardcore fan of these!), but specially for this fairly unknown place. On the stretch between the gas station and the highway to Cabo, look for a sign that leads to hotel Posada La Poza and follow those. When you get to said hotel, park on the side of the narrow road, where your car won’t stand in anyone’s way, and continue walking past the houses until you reach the estuary. I suggest carrying on a bit and when you’re almost by the beach, hike up the hill to a spot of big rocks. You can find some shade there as well as the best view of this place. In the hotel you may also grab a bite and rent a kayak to paddle on the water if you like. #kayak #exploring #photography #climbing #hiking
Posted by Hassen Salum
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