Amber Locke's experience in Skagway
Lower Dewey Lake
This hike has it all... beautiful cliffside views before snaking through a forest of Douglas furs and Sitka spruce trees. You can even take a dip in the refreshing (and by that I mean generally freezing) glacially fed Lower Dewey Lake. This trail is one of a system that leads to other lakes, too! Up and around 1 mile out and back or 3-and-a-half-ish around the lake. Lots of people leap off of the thirty-or-so foot rock that's directly on the other side of the lake when you first see to it on the trail. Moderate. #alaska #trail #trailrunning #skagway #takeahike #naturephotography #naturelover #naturewalk #hiking #camping #snow
Posted by Amber Locke
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