The Star Community Bar
Star Bar is an Atlanta favorite. Made and loved in the heart of Atlanta's diverse Little Five Points, Star Bar is one of the most popular dive bars in town. It's 21 and up, the liquor is pretty cheap, and the cover is almost always free, a gift that's rarely granted in Atlanta nowadays. If there's ever a night you find yourself bored in the city, check out Star Bar because there's almost always something going on, and the choices of events are diverse. There's plenty of great bands and DJs, plenty of local smaller shows, comedy nights, karaoke, dance parties, and there's almost always live music Thursday through Saturday. Not to mention there's plenty of new events that come through and Star Bar is the home to plenty of annual Atlanta events and festivals like Little 5 Fest. So check out Star Bar, it's an Atlanta classic in one of the most unique neighborhoods in the city. There's always something happening.
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