The stone circle of menhirs on the outskirts of Kutna Hora were brought about as late as 2012. They were purposefully erected to add harmony to the surrounding countryside. The stones resemble nothing really like Stonehenge but the location and view from the site is far more impressive. Consequently I was in awe of the backdrop of the town below with the St. Barbara's Cathedral making a prominent mark on the horizon. We rocked up to town on a sunny Saturday and took advantage of this quiet 'corner'. The spot is thus a perfect place to visit if you're wanting an off-the-beaten-path destination. Bringing a picnic hamper and chilled Moët et Chandon here could be the perfect way to go before fall is upon us! On reflection tourist numbers were down in and around KH without being cheek by jowl with tourists. #menhirs #stonecircle #views #history #free
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