A thoroughly Las Vegas kind a boutique, and quite frankly it’s shocking that there aren’t more like them, STITCHED is a custom haberdashery located inside the endlessly trendy Cosmopolitan, which has managed to maintain its reputation as the hottest property on the Strip for a decade now, a veritable eternity in Vegas Years. STITCHED creates one-of-a-kind custom suits for CEOs, sports stars, rock stars, and other celebrities, and anyone else who can afford the #stitchedlife. Their creations are pieces of art, and the boutique is as much of a high-end showroom as it is a semi-private lounge for the rich and famous styled as a sophisticated man cave. They also carry a selection of “carefully curated“ ready-to-wear suiting which they will custom fit in-store. #shopping #suiting #mensfashion #customsuits
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