Manu Sotomayor's experience in Paris
Louvre Museum
I'm not a fan of this museum. But I have to say it has a great collection. I got to see one of my favourite paintings. But the problem with it is that the collection is not only good, but big. Too big. It's impossible to see it all, and you just have to choose what do you want to see. You can't just walk aimessly. And every room is so full of stuff that people just walk past some paintings or sculptures without even noticing. And I don't blame them: most of the collection becomes almost part of the furniture. Is it worth it? Yes, there is art you can't miss. I don't regret seeing Liberty Leading the People or winged Victory of Samothrace. Obviously you can't skip the Louvre if you visit Paris. But not because of that is perfect. I liked it, but it really bugs me how most of the stuff there lose importance against the most famous stuff. I guess that happens in every museum, but here is more evident. #art #gallery #museum #history #sculpture #art #paris #louvre
Posted by Manu Sotomayor
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