Mys Burkhan
Located in Khujir on Olkhon Island, those wooden totem pillars are covered with hundreds of colored ribbons. The 13 constructions are meant to create a protection for the Shaman sacred Rock standing behind them. Indeed, Olkhon Island is a sacred shamanic place with ancient traditions perpetuated by the Buryat people. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to meet one of the shamans leaving off the island. In the region, many people are still going to visit shamans to cure minor health troubles. In the shaman tradition, every color has a meaning related to the elements that form the planet (red for the fire, green for the earth, blue for the sky...). Nowadays, you can put one ribbon of your own to bring you luck in different aspects of your life (green for health, red for love, yellow for money...and so on). All over the floor, you can also see kopecks (Russian small coins), these are thrown by people who make a wish. #free #spirituality #shaman#baikal #russia
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