AdegaMãe - Sociedade Agrícola, Lda
Making for a perfect day trip from Lisbon, the AdegaMãe is a 99-acre vineyard where nature and tranquility meet. The building is unique in itself. With a specific idea in mind, the architecture of the property was elaborately designed with smooth, clean lines. The rectangular building, which also houses the main wine shop, was outlined to covey a modern and minimalist look; not a usual find in Portugal. AdegaMãe extends a variety of activities for guests to partake in. Visitors can sign up for guided tastings and tours, wine lessons, a small trek through the vineyards, as well as an opportunity for a prepared lunch and/or dinner in the winery. With a passion staff and an endless amount of things to do, one can easily spend an entire day here. #wine #portugal #views
Posted by Kristen Slizgi
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