Mittenwald is a genuine hiker's hub; you barely step outside your door before transporting into the Bavarian wilderness. Kranzberg, a skiing paradise by winter, is the perfect place to stretch those gams come summer or autumn. If you opt to summit the hill via Wildensee, a small, quiet lake nestled in the bordering valley, the trail will take you through lush, green fields and rich forests, gifting jaw dropping views of the Alps and the quaint historic center of Mittenwald. You may even hear the sound of cow bells wafting through the autumn breeze and question if this is real life. Hint: increase the challenge by hiking the much steeper main Kranzberg trail up, then saunter back to Mittenwald via Wildensee or Lautersee/Ferchebsee. #walking #bavaria #germany #mittenwald #alps #viewpoint #free #travel #outdoors #hiking
Posted by Ash Merscher
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