Dayana's experience in Etropole
Slamenata Kushta
When you pass by the KFC in Osikovitsa, take a right and drive by the lake. You'll see a sculpture of a shepherd in the water. Drive straight and take the next right when you see a house with a huge garden. This is Miroslav's property which he's donated to display sculptor Pavel Koychev's work. You'll see Botero and Picasso influenced bodies all over the yard. There's an adorable tree house and space for kids to play. Go up the hill. The house there is a sculpture itself, furnished in a Bulgarian tradition. There is a spacious kitchen downstairs. You can leave a small donation and pick up a book as a gift. Go upstairs and play chess. You can rent out the bedrooms and spend the night too. The owner is amazingly kind. He's got a music studio with guitars and a keyboard that he'll let you use. #art #bulgaria
Posted by Dayana
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