Palm Beach Bungalow Resort
Palm Beach Bungalow Resort is located on the amazing Koh Rong island in southern Cambodia. I got an amazing deal on a private bungalow here but their regular prices are still worth it. The "resort" is on its own private part of the island with its own ferry to get there. Away from the face painted party assholes on the main part of the island (though there is a well stocked bar ?) the one downside is there is no where to eat or drink but here. But it's only a slight downside because there's a great variety of food and drinks and they definitely don't price gouge here. The prices were the same as the mainland. The staff is amazing and when the weather's nice they offer snorkeling and fishing trips. I'll definitely be going back here. Oh and also 24 hour electricity and wifi! I thought those were unheard of on the island #beach #hotel #free-wifi
Posted by Nichole Roether
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