Isla del Espiritu Santo
This island is a Natural Protected Area, and my second favorite spot in all of Baja. To visit this magical place you do need to hire a tour, and you can do that either in the city of La Paz in any of the tour agencies along the strip, or in Tecolote Beach, north of La Paz and just across from the island (from where I shot this photo). The tour usually includes snorkeling gear to go in the water with the friendly sea lions at Los Islotes in the north side of the island, a lunch break in one of the beaches, and a tour around the island to enjoy the rock formations. I strongly suggest using a reputable company to make sure you get the full interpretation of the place and to make sure you’re traveling with and supporting a team that respects this awesome place. My personal recommendation is Red Travel. #seaofcortez #bcs #IslaEspirituSanto #Mexico #snorkeling #lunch
Posted by Hassen Salum
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